What is a Thrust-Cushion Vehicle (TCV)

  • Slipstream Thrust Cushion Vehicles are air- supported trimaran vessels that have demonstrated 2-3 X the operating efficiency of competing high-speed vessel types
  • Truly green: 50-80% fuel and emission savings, no underwater noise, negligible wake and capable of viable high speed full electric operation (100% emissions savings)

The extreme efficiency of TCVs comes from lifting the trimaran hulls out of the water, and adding the lift energy to the thrust energy, in a single integrated system. There are no water drives employed except docking thrusters. TCVs make coordinated banked turns, and are very maneuverable. There is no damaging wake, and no underwater noise.

  • Air Driven, twice as fast as existing conventional high speed water craft, far less environmental impact;
  • Use 50%-75% less fuel than competing high speed craft
  • Carbon emission reductions of up to 100% with full electric drive
  • Low noise pollution above and below water, no damaging wake
  • Twice the work capacity of a conventional high speed vessel of comparable size
  • Amphibious over any relatively flat or low sloping terrain


Slipstream Vehicles Ltd is a Canadian research and development company located in Powell River, B.C. Slipstream has reached a commercialization stage for a unique (patented) vessel that offers very high speed while consuming far less fuel than other high-speed vessel types.    

Slipstream's research partners include: Transport Canada, Revenue Canada (SRED).

Slipstream final design and production partners include: MAVI Innovations Ltd., Lloyd's Register, MARTEC Ltd.




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